Digital Factory

Internet-of-Things (IoT) is the key for the connection between all “things”.

Using IoT, unconnected data sources can be combined and made available 24/7 at the cloud. Having live data and using correlations between processes open up endless opportunities to improve factory floor operations in revolutionary ways.


  • • Supply Chain Wizard’s Digital Factory Suit can collect data from factory floor equipment, sensors, operators and MES & ERP systems
  • • Reliable IoT enabled wireless sensors collect data 24/7 while minimizing required implementation time
  • • The power of cloud removes costs of handling local & on-premise solutions and offers continuous product improvement by released updates
  • • All connected ”things” are turned into meaningful insights to support you while you run your business
  • • You can access your live Digital Factory data all the time and everywhere
  • • Dedicated reports support you to continuously improve daily processes and staff performance
  • • Impact making decisions are made using Supply Chain Wizard’s Digital Factory Advanced Analytics Reports
  • • Machine learning algorithms continuously learn and support changes you have at the factory floor
  • • Supply Chain Wizard reflects long years of consulting expertise to the decision optimization methods

Data collection effort (FTE)

More dedicated operator time on process
Better quality
Higher production efficiency

Analysis & reporting effort (FTE)

No need to re-work on raw data formats
Access to advanced analytic reports without having analytic experts

OEE / Line Efficiency (%)

Improve root-causes of downtimes
Learn and improve your standard event durations
Improve maintenance performance

OEE Tracker Helps Save Valuable Operator Time
After -50%

OEE Tracker Reduces Needed Documentation Clerk Time
After -80%

OEE Tracker helps improve OEE performance
After +20%